Memberships for the calendar year, unless you join in September, in which case your membership runs through the following year. Membership is only $10—unless you are 80 or older and have been a member for five years, in which case your membership is free! (but we still ask you mail in the form so we have a record of your interest).

Your support makes it possible for us to run our museum complex, publish our newsletters, host our website, run events and
promote Clare County history, tell its stories and protect its artifacts.

If you “forget” to renew we may, at our discretion, send you a newsletter for one extra year. However, due to increased postage costs we cannot continue to send copies to non members.

In any event we hope you’ll join us–or renew!

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Make check payable to “Clare County Historical Society” and mail it to

P.O. Box 723
Harrison, MI 48625

Brick Paver

The Clare County Historical Society is offering engraved bricks to honor or memorialize a family member or friend. Bricks measure 4 by 8 inches and can have up to three lines of text with up to 12 characters (including spaces) in each line. Cost of each brick is $45.00 with proceeds benefiting our History Park.

You can specify whether you wish the brick to be on the sidewalk leading to the Ott Family Cabin, Dover Schoolhouse or the museum. Please make checks payable to Clare County Historical Society and mail to:
Clare County Historical Society
P.O. Box 723
Harrison, MI 48625

Note: No company logos or specialized symbols. Because bricks must be ordered in batches, it can take several months before your brick arrives and is installed.